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Genotype Class Reference
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Genotype base class. More...

#include <Genotype.h>

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BitString::BitString cart::Cartesian ClassifierParams Permutation::Permutation RealValueGenotype Tree::Tree BitString::MyBitString Binary::Binary FloatingPoint::FloatingPoint MyFloatingPoint NeuralNetwork NNFloatingPoint

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool initialize (StateP state)=0
 Initialize a genotype object (read parameters, perform sanity check, build data).
virtual Genotypecopy ()=0
 Create an identical copy of the genotype object.
virtual std::vector< CrossoverOpP > getCrossoverOp ()
 Create and return a vector of crossover operators.
virtual std::vector< MutationOpP > getMutationOp ()
 Create and return a vector of mutation operators.
virtual void registerParameters (StateP)
 Register genotype's parameters (called before Genotype::initialize).
bool registerParameter (StateP state, std::string name, voidP value, enum ECF::type T, std::string description="")
 Register a single parameter.
voidP getParameterValue (StateP state, std::string name)
 Read single parameter value from Registry.
bool setParameterValue (StateP state, std::string name, voidP value)
 Write single parameter value to Registry.
bool isParameterDefined (StateP state, std::string name)
 Check if parameter is defined in the configuration.
virtual void read (XMLNode &)=0
 Read genotype data from XMLNode.
virtual void write (XMLNode &)=0
 Write genotype data to XMLNode.
virtual uint getGenomeSize ()
std::string getName ()
 Return genotype's name (each genotype is uniquely identified with its name).
uint getGenotypeId ()
 Return this genotype's index in individual structure.
void setGenotypeId (uint id)
 Set genotype index in an individual.
std::string toString ()
 Output genotype to string.

Protected Attributes

std::string name_
 genotype's name
uint genotypeId_
 this genotype's unique index in individual structure

Detailed Description

Genotype base class.

All Genotypes must inherit this one. Each individual contains a vector of Genotype objects. Each Genotype is an independent object with independent parameters.

Each Genotype class must provide its CrossoverOp and MutationOp operator classes!

Genotype usage
A Genotype instance is _active_ if it is used in the individual structure. Active genotypes may be of any number and kind; each active Genotype instance gets an index, e.g.:
  • Binary (id: 0) Binary (id: 1) Bitstring (id: 2) Tree (id: 3)

A genotype instance becomes active if:

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