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MutationOp Class Reference
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MutationOp base class. More...

#include <Mutation.h>

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Binary::BinaryMutMix Binary::BinaryMutSimple BitString::BalancedMutOp BitString::BitStringMutMix BitString::BitStringMutSimple cart::CartesianMutOnePoint FloatingPoint::FloatingPointMutSimple Permutation::PermutationMutIns Permutation::PermutationMutInv Permutation::PermutationMutToggle Tree::TreeMutGauss Tree::TreeMutHoist Tree::TreeMutNodeComplement Tree::TreeMutNodeReplace Tree::TreeMutPermutation Tree::TreeMutShrink Tree::TreeMutSubtree

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool mutate (GenotypeP)=0
 Performs mutation of a genotype object. The genotype object must be initialized!
virtual bool initialize (StateP)
 Initialize mutation operator. Called before first mutation operation.
virtual void registerParameters (StateP)
 Register parameters with the system. Called before MutationOp::initialize.

Public Attributes

StateP state_
double probability_
 probability of usage of this mutation operator
GenotypeP myGenotype_
 pointer to the Genotype that defines this MutationOp

Detailed Description

MutationOp base class.

Each MutationOp class mutates a _genotype_ object. Each Genotype class must define its own set of MutationOp classes.

Definition at line 16 of file Mutation.h.

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