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Tree::TreeCrxSizeFair Class Reference

Tree genotype: size fair crx operator. Reference: More...

#include <TreeCrxSizeFair.h>

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bool mate (GenotypeP gen1, GenotypeP gen2, GenotypeP child)
bool initialize (StateP)
 Initialize crossover operator. Called before first crossover operation.
int calculateSize (int avg)
void registerParameters (StateP)
 Register parameters with the system. Called before CrossoverOp::initialize.

Detailed Description

Tree genotype: size fair crx operator. Reference:

Definition at line 13 of file TreeCrxSizeFair.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool Tree::TreeCrxSizeFair::mate ( GenotypeP  ,
GenotypeP  ,
) [virtual]

Performs crossover of two genotype objects. Each genotype object must be initialized!

Implements CrossoverOp.

Definition at line 30 of file TreeCrxSizeFair.cpp.

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