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IfFoodAhead Class Reference
[Artificial Ant Example (GP)]

GP function, checks if the food is ahead. More...

#include <IfFoodAhead.h>

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void execute (void *evalOp, Tree::Tree &tree)
 Execute the primitive.

Detailed Description

GP function, checks if the food is ahead.

If the food is ahead, execute the first subtree, else the second one

Definition at line 10 of file IfFoodAhead.h.

Member Function Documentation

void IfFoodAhead::execute ( void *  result,
Tree::Tree tree 
) [inline, virtual]

Execute the primitive.

Function primitives gather arguments and return a value; terminal primitives return current value.

Implements Tree::Primitives::Primitive.

Definition at line 19 of file IfFoodAhead.h.

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