ECF 1.5
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EvaluateOp Class Referenceabstract

Evaluation base class. More...

#include <EvaluateOp.h>

Inheritance diagram for EvaluateOp:
AntEvalOp Environment EvalOp EvalOp FunctionMaxEvalOp FunctionMaxEvalOp FunctionMinEvalOp FunctionMinEvalOp FunctionMinEvalOp FunctionMinEvalOp GEPSymbRegEvalOp GPSymbRegEvalOp MultipleClassEvalOp OneMaxEvalOp OneMaxEvalOp PrimeEvalOp PrimeEvalOp Problem QuantumEvalOp SchedulingEvalOp SchedulingEvalOp SymbRegEvalOp SymbRegEvalOp SymbRegEvalOp SymbRegEvalOp SymbRegEvalOp SymbRegEvalOp TSPEvalOp

Public Member Functions

virtual FitnessP evaluate (IndividualP)=0
 Evaluate a single individual. Method must create and return a Fitness object. More...
virtual void registerParameters (StateP)
 Register evaluator parameters. Called before EvaluateOp::initialize method. More...
virtual bool initialize (StateP)
 Initialize the evaluator. Called before first evaluation occurs. More...

Detailed Description

Evaluation base class.

The user must inherit and implement a problem specific evaluation operator. The operator must implement EvaluateOp::evaluate method. Optional methods are: EvaluateOp::registerParameters (to define user parameters in conf. file) and EvaluateOp::initialize (to read paramaters and/or perform evaluator initialization).

Definition at line 16 of file EvaluateOp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~EvaluateOp()

virtual EvaluateOp::~EvaluateOp ( )

Definition at line 35 of file EvaluateOp.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ evaluate()

virtual FitnessP EvaluateOp::evaluate ( IndividualP  )
pure virtual

◆ initialize()

virtual bool EvaluateOp::initialize ( StateP  )

◆ registerParameters()

virtual void EvaluateOp::registerParameters ( StateP  )

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