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bool initialize (StateP state)
 Initialize the algorithm, read parameters from the system, do a sanity check.
bool advanceGeneration (StateP state, DemeP deme)
 Perform a single generation on a single deme.
void quickSort (std::vector< IndividualP > *group, int left, int right, std::string prop, int objective)
void sortBasedOnProperty (std::vector< IndividualP > *deme, double *fMin, double *fMax, std::string prop, int objective)
int checkDominance (MOFitnessP fitness1, MOFitnessP fitness2)
void nonDomSorting (boost::shared_ptr< std::vector< IndividualP > > pool, int N, boost::shared_ptr< std::vector< std::vector< IndividualP > > > fronts)
void crowdedDistanceEst (StateP state, std::vector< IndividualP > *deme)
void makeNewPop (StateP state, DemeP deme)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< IndividualP > * parentPop
boost::shared_ptr< std::vector
< std::vector< IndividualP > > > 
SelectionOperatorP selRandomOp
SelectionOperatorP selWorstOp

Detailed Description

Definition at line 8 of file AlgNSGA2.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool AlgNSGA2::advanceGeneration ( StateP  ,
) [virtual]

Perform a single generation on a single deme.

Must be implemented by a specific algorithm class

Implements Algorithm.

Definition at line 304 of file AlgNSGA2.cpp.

bool AlgNSGA2::initialize ( StateP   )  [virtual]

Initialize the algorithm, read parameters from the system, do a sanity check.

Called by the system before the algorithm starts (Algorithm::advanceGeneration)

Reimplemented from Algorithm.

Definition at line 22 of file AlgNSGA2.cpp.

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